Our Brand Ethos 

My name is Francival Da Silva, I'm a British/Brazilian Bespoke Tailor from Oldham in Manchester, England.  After spending years in two different Universities studying Fashion Design at the University of Central Lancashire and Bespoke Tailoring at London College Of Fashion I decided to set up my own fashion brand: FDa Silva 21 Clothing LTDA. We offer to our Male & Female clientele Ready to Wear, Made to Measure & Bespoke Tailored Garments such as Shorts; Trousers; Skirts; Waistcoats; Jackets & Overcoats. 


Our Brand ethos is all about British Heritage, constructing and selling high-quality garments using materials such as fabrics, buttons, trimmings made and sourced in the UK, to support sustainability and fairtrade in the fashion industry. Making sure that the people who make our garments get paid fairly for the work they produce creating jobs in the UK.


We want to fight disposable fashion! Creating garments that are meant to last years and years, garments that can be adapted to each individual if they lose or put on weight over the years! Which Bespoke Tailoring is all about and allows it to be done.


Our customers are people who prefer to invest in quality pieces instead of disposable fashion.


We are aiming to offer a more personal experience to our clients seeking for Made to Measure services globally, soon with our new Bespoke Website and Mobile Apps in development right now. Where with a help of a friend you will be able to get your measurements done, enter those measurements details in our measurement chart, select the silhouette desired, select fabric choices, trimmings & finishings and get your garment manufactured in the North West of England. Placing an order in the commodity of your own home or on the go via our Bespoke Website or Mobile Apps for iOS & Android.



For our Bespoke service, we can work around your schedule and visit you in your preferred location or via appointment at our HQ studio in Oldham where the initial consultation will take place for taking your measurements, presenting to you different silhouettes fabrics, trimmings and finishings options as we treat a bespoke garment as a very personal item which requires a lot of work and love to be made. 

Fashion changes all the time. You have to follow what's happening at the moment but also revisit the past as there is so much to learn from it 

I have a real passion for tailoring and business in general, I love supporting the local community offering students the opportunity to learn from me and me learning from them too 

There is something magic about a tailored garment! It changes your while you wear it .. It makes you feel powerful and in control